Let us present... a drAget PEPP! The people in the A-guild within the most go (drag)!

We reel in all of you nollor to the A-guild boat with a worm (mask) on the hook, hope you bite the lure(drAg)! We are here to pull(drA) the mood up so reel us in anytime you want! We are very excited to make this into your life’s Nollning and hope that you will feel as the fish in the water in our company. Never hesitate to hook us for a dance or two! 😉



Hello y’all!
My name is Øverpepp Emilia and I am studying masters in sustainable urban design. I’m from Poland and unfortunately don’t speak Swedish, but don’t hesitate to talk with me in English or Polish!
I am extremely excited about this years nollning and will make sure each one of you is having the best time possible!
You can always ask me about anything! I’m here for you!
Cheers, Øverpepp Emilia

My name is Ida. I am from the neighboring city of Helsingborg and am studying in the second year of the architecture program in studio Y! Despite the fact that people (for inexplicable reasons) have started calling me Øvningpepp, I will do my very best to have a reasonable grasp of the situation and make your intro as smooth as possible! Whether you feel like chatting a little, having a thumb war, flying to Denmark (!!!) or breaking a world record, just hit me up! Still quite chatty :)) And if you’re looking for me, you’ll probably find me on the dance floor! See you in fog!!!