The Phaddergroups

On the way home from Lophtet, it is not uncommon to hear thistles and tassels among the bushes. Is it possibly an exhausted A-guild member resting up before the journey home? Maybe a runaway computer student who thinks it’s still in VR? No no no. It’s the master thieves Purple Panthers! But if you think it’s money, gold and treasures we’re after, you’re wrong - the only thing we’re going to steal is your hearts <3

From a beach in LA to a park by the A-house, From morning til night, always ready to save someone in the drunken chaos. A-blazer, ouvve or red bathing suit, Always responsible but ready to party in a minute. The fittest on A, but always runs in slow-motion, the lifeguards are never afraid to take action. Your goggles are getting foggy and your getting washed away, Dont worry A baewatcher is there to save your day.

Most dangerous on the slopes and fast off-piste, We know everyone wants our playlist.
Whether it’s sunny or starting to snow, behind the helmet we are never dull.
For powder players it is always downhill, it depends on our sick power will.
If you see phaddrar with a ski, you know that powder play- ers will soon slide in on the dance floor.

Yo wazzup! We are the breAk dAncers. Doing the WORM and poplockin’ the wampwamp our way to the middle of the dancefloor. Don’t hate, just skate. Peace out!

The spandex costume and the mask, to hide your identity , is on. Your cape flutters behind you in the wind. As fast as a hawk you fly, no mission to large or small. FlyING, ølkubb and UtskAtt, you conquer them all!
You see a stranded nolla on the roof of the A building, it has to be saved! “Is that one of the incredibles?” you hear from below. “No wait, he has a cape! Even better! It’s the incapeables!”

The Beard Battalion sneaks through the dark alleys. The shadows dance along the walls as their bearded leader mysteriously disappeared. A sense of uncertainty fills the air. But suddenly a glimmer of hope appears. A pale streak of light breaking through the fog. What is appearing through the fog? What intricate plans are being forged in their shadowy realm? Only time can reveal the truth.

Skillful and handsome, we tissle and tussle in bushes and around corners, silent as mice and with eyes like an eagle. With light steps we sneak up when you least expect it, behind hats, glasses and A-jacket we spy. We will find out what really happened, and go undercover to help Kent-A-gent. We are the coldest in LTH, for fear there is not an iota. But please don’t mention Tuttifrutta. So watch out! We have now started to figure out... You never know where the Kents-A-gents might be lurking....

Scary. Mythical. Hard to get rid of. No one is faster than the pinworms! Smoothly we slip into every little nook and cran- ny and make our presence known throughout the A-guild. When you least expect it, we are there.