About us


You are one of the lucky few who managed to get into one of these dream program that make up the A-guild! To celebrate this and to welcome you and your new fellow students to Lund University of Engineering and Lund, you will be greeted by a fantastic introduction during your first weeks at the university.

As an A-Student, you are a student at Sweden’s second oldest university, Lund University, which was founded in 1666. You are also a member of the largest faculty at Lund University, LTH.

The guilds at LTH are within the student union and are run on a voluntary basis by the students on the courses that the guild covers. They function slightly differently depending on which educations they comprise and have been shaped into the structure they have today over several decades. 

The A-guild today consists of the architecture program and the industrial design program. Our guild was the fifth to be founded in 1965, that means we have become 58 years old.

The main purpose of the guild is to make the members’ study time as good as possible and act as study monitors. In addition, they exist to create a good community on and between the courses and also with the business world through various activities and events.


As an architect and industrial designer, an exciting and broad, albeit demand- ing, industry awaits! The variety among the students is great, which makes the projects and the important collaborations extra interesting. The courses are characterized by both students and teachers being sincerely committed to their own and others’ projects and visions.

The architecture program at LTH is both academic and artistic. The students are introduced to the profession with both theoretical and practical tasks. Model building and sketching are included, as well as courses in technology and digital tools. You usually work with larger projects, in parallel with longer and shorter courses.

The industrial design program is an artistic bachelor’s program where students are introduced to and learn the process of product development, design and manufacturing. A lot of time is spent in the workshop, but also on this pro- gram theoretical courses are read in e.g. mechanics and materials science.

More detailed information about the programs and the various courses is available on Lund University of Engineering’s website:


We who wrote this introguide and who put all our time and energy into welcoming you to Lund are the A-guild’s Phøs. Phøset is a group of students from the section who throughout the spring worked hard to make the 2023 introduction an unforgettable experience! 

The pepp are Phøset’s biggest aid during the intro. They are there for you if you have any questions or as the name suggests: to get you started and keep the mood extra good during the intro! 

On the first day you will be assigned a phad- der group. There are a total of eight. In each group there are nine to ten Phaddrar who take care of you during the intro and make sure that you get settled in Lund and at the A-guild. The Phaddras are responsible for almost all communication regarding intro activities, but are also there so that you can get answers to your questions about the studies, the Campus and life in Lund. Your phadder group has its own theme which is a sub-theme to the A guild’s intro theme “En Nollning Bakom Masken”. In the phadder groups there will also be exchange students who, like you, are new to the school and Lund. Take the chance to start a conversation and make con- nections worldwide! 


Sexet has made it its life’s mission to promote partying and joy in the A guild. It is sexet that organizes all the parties, sittings and bars that you will experience during your time at the A-guild. They also do alot of extra job during the introduction, holding in extra bars and sittings!


Camilla Fagerström Grubb is a study and ca- reer counselor for both Architecture and the Industrial Design program. She takes care of the planning for the activities that happen during the day in the first week. Together with her colleagues, she has also supported Phøset in its planning of the intro. If you have ques- tions, you can reach her most easily via email or phone.

In order for everyone to feel welcome during the intro, there are two golden rules that can be good to know:
-The introduction is completely voluntary for every- one involved.
- Openness and respect must characterize the introduction.