The most important thing about the nollning is to create a safe and welcoming environment where you get the best possi- ble chance to get to know student life and your future course participants. The A-guild has zero tolerance towards all forms of discrimination, harassment and offensive special treatment.

If you feel unsafe, unfairly or badly treated, there are many ways to get help and support. No problem or issue is too small to raise. You can:
Talk to a phadder

Talk with the Pepp 

Talk with JämlikA:
JämlikA is a committee within the A guild that works with equal treatment in education and within the guild’s operations. JämlikA is available to all students and you can turn to them if you have been treated badly or unfairly, or want to raise something else related to equal treatment, well-being or discrimination. The chairman of JämlikA is the guilds equality representative and has a duty of confidentiality.

Talk to the student social worker (SA):
The student social worker has taken a study break and works full-time with students’ equal treatment and well-being at the student union. SA functions as support for mem- bers who have been badly or unfairly treated during their studies and have a duty of confidentiality. Unlike jämlikA, SA does not have a direct connection to the A guild, but is available to all students at LTH.

You choose whether and how your case is handled

Tel. 112 at ongoing crime
Otherwise tel. 11414

The crime victim hotline
Tel. 116 006
Weekdays: 09-19
Weekends: 09-16